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A message from Dr Cranston – Stepping down from front line General Practice

A message from Dr Cranston:

Stepping down from front line General Practice.

With some regret, the time has come for me to step back from front-line General Practice and pass the baton to my excellent younger partners, Drs Haslam and Connell, ably assisted by our practice manager, Harley.

I have come to know many of you over the years and I will definitely miss seeing you either at the surgery or at your home.

During the pandemic when everything – by necessity and government edict – was done “remotely”, it was just not the same and I am so glad we have returned to face-to-face interactions.

It has been a privilege being a GP at Shay Lane Medical Centre and I have thoroughly enjoyed my 33 years here.

I started at the practice in 1990 when we were on Westminster Road in Hale. Arthur Noar was just retiring and I took over from him.

Joe Jacovelli was still around at the other practice and driving his Alfa Spider. Brian Lux the dentist had the upstairs rooms.

There were 2 computer screens in the whole practice, both in reception and they were pretty slow and really just a glorified patient register.

The patient call system was a hand-built wooden Heath Robinson affair with light up numbers and the waiting room was really just a wide corridor.

There were 3 doctors but only 2 consulting rooms and one room for our practice nurse.

Dr Kelman started several years before I joined, and Dr Naylor came when Jenny Rich retired.

We moved to our current building in 1994 when it was brand new, built on the site of the old health authority buildings which had a chiropodist and dentist.

Drs Kelman, Naylor and I were together for many years, and they both only retired a year ago.


The NHS and general practice in particular are going through a torrid time at the moment due to the pandemic and the chronic underfunding by successive governments coming home to roost. Demand for our service has never been higher and my remaining partners are very dedicated doctors, determined to provide the best service possible.

Our practice has always valued patient access extremely highly and Drs Haslam and Connell are continuing that commitment.


We have a dynamic young practice manager, full of ideas, and we have our salaried doctor, Dr Alurwar already in place and a new female GP who will be replacing me, starting soon.


I feel the practice is in excellent hands and despite us suffering significant funding cuts, with your patience and understanding I am sure you will continue to receive excellent care.


With very best wishes