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Update on Covid-19 Infection Rates in Trafford by Mark Jarvis

An update from Dr Mark Jarvis, Medical Director at NHS Trafford CCG

Dear all

As you will be aware, unfortunately, rates of Covid-19 infection are still climbing, particularly amongst younger age groups who are not yet vaccinated.

  • Please do not wait for a certain type of Covid-19 vaccine to be made available. The NHS is not able to offer you a choice of vaccine other than in exceptional circumstances. They have all been tested rigorously, and significantly reduce the chances of you needing to go to hospital
  • The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is 92% effective against hospitalisation after 2 doses
  • All coronavirus vaccines have a really good safety record, and have been tested in the same manner as other vaccines. We wouldn’t be giving them to you otherwise. If you do feel slightly unwell after your vaccine, that’s normal and should not be cause for panic
  • It’s OK to feel slightly unwell after your vaccine and any short-term side effects are minimal – if you are worried it may be beneficial to you to have it after work or at the weekend if you have certain commitments
  • Getting 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine is so important – it offers you much greater protection against the dominant strain of coronavirus (Delta variant) which is currently in the community
  • Getting both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine is an important way out of restrictions – please don’t delay, and let’s get through this together
  • If you need help booking a Covid-19 vaccination appointment, Trafford library staff can support you
  • If you can’t make your Covid-19 vaccination appointment, don’t forget to cancel and re-arrange with plenty of notice – a wasted appointment is a missed opportunity for another person to get their jab and be protected
  • Don’t delay in booking your vaccine. Go to or call 119 to book at a site near you. If the NHS or GP contacts you first, that’s great, please follow the guidance they give you. There are vaccination clinics in Sale, Timperley, Urmston and Partington on the booking system. If you don’t see them listed straight don’t worry, just refresh the page or visit again later on – new appointment slots are added each day